Atmos Clocks

Atmos Clocks

Atmos clocks have become a big part of our art collection. We are very proud of the selection atmos clocks that we have collected over time. We would like to offer you more information about the Atmos Clock, which is becoming increasingly popular.

You can see our complete Atmos collection on Artlistings.

Atmos Clocks

Van brug Collection

Van Brug Collection

Van Brug Collection is a collection of fine horology and artwork. Atmos clocks, paintings, antique clocks and much more. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment and view our Atmos Clock Collection and other fine art.

Atmos clock Collection

You can see our complete Atmos collection on Artlistings.

Are you also fascinated by these beautiful clocks? Contact us! You can come by appointment or we will send you more information. We look forward to meeting you.

Atmos clock information

Atmos Clock technique

The Atmos clock is a mechanical torsion pendulum clock which does not need to be wound manually. The Atmos clock gets the energy to run from changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. The Atmos clock can run for years without using batteries or human intervention.

Who is the inventor of the Atmos Clock?

Jean-Léon Reutter, an engineer from Switzerland created the first Atmos clock in 1928. This prototype, where the Atmos name comes from, is now known unofficially as Atmos 0. The Atmos 0 was driven by a mercury-in-glass expansion device and the mechanism operated on temperature changes only.

Atmos clock video

Would you like to see an operating Atmos clock? Jeager-LeCoultre made this nice video about the history and invention of the Atmos clock by Jean-Léon Reutter in 1928.


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